At Cyreonix, we separate ourselves from the competition by providing the most comprehensive and thorough Cybersecurity Posture Assessment in the market. Cyreonix’s approach will provide the organization with true intelligence on cybersecurity readiness including actionable findings and recommendations.

Our team of Cybersecurity Professionals has performed assessments and penetration tests for enterprises of all sizes. We pride ourselves in providing the level of expertise that not only will help the organization identify its vulnerabilities and areas of improvement, but also provide guidance on best practices to correct those vulnerabilities. The Cybersecurity Posture Assessment is tailored to the client needs by utilizing the following options:

  • Cybersecurity Posture Assessment – RISK SCALE MODEL™ (The “RSM Score™”)
  • Internal & External Network Assessment
  • Phishing and/or Social Engineering test
  • IDS/IPS Assessments
  • Simulate a “rogue” or “disgruntled” employee to test if they can locate and penetrate sensitive data
  • Perform a gap analysis of existing IT security policies and procedures
  • Review compliance with information security standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.