Get Cybersecurity representation firmly on your Executive Board’s agenda with our Virtual CISO or Virtual Data Protection Officer service.

“Boards that choose to ignore, or minimize, the importance of cybersecurity oversight responsibility, do so at their own peril.” SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar.

vCISO/vISO Services – Monthly Subscription Fee (Consulting)

  1. Development and Implementation of policies and procedures as required by Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); or other industry compliance standards.
  2. Development and Implementation of policies and procedures to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI) either in company products and/or implementation & support functions of company.
  3. Supervise and monitor, where applicable, the conduct of personnel in relation to the protection of electronic protected health information, sensitive company data, and remote access to such data;
  4. Oversee (on-site, at various client sites, or via remote monitoring means) the security of electronic protected information and systems,
  5. Identify and evaluate threats to the confidentiality and integrity of electronic protected health information sent to, or obtained from, any customer institution;
  6. Respond to actual or suspected breaches in the confidentiality and/or integrity of electronic protected health information;
  7. Delegate his or her responsibilities to company employees/contractors as needed;
  8. Oversee that Training is provided to key personnel in regards to Policies, Procedures, and safeguarding of electronic protected health information;
Ancillary services:
  1. Industry and Community related  Vulnerability Knowledge Bases [VKBs]
  2. Guidance to Systems and Network Administrators on Patch management and System/Endpoint audits
  3. Additional items from “A LA Carte Menu” included within your selected Scope of Work with us.

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