New GDPR Mandates Require Changes to Storage Management Strategies for All Global Enterprises


When the EU GDPR comes into effect, a single complaint could result in an audit and a fine for improperly handling personal data unless IT leaders have adjusted their data management and backup strategies to be ready. Start modifying plans, policies, processes and technologies today.


Key Challenges

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) applies beyond the sovereign borders of member countries, and protects the personal data of citizens regardless of location.

When the EU GDPR is in effect Now, I&O leaders must be prepared for unwieldy requests from ordinary people seeking disclosure of stored personal data, including requests for deletion.

Many organizations use a long retention policy for all backups, even though they may also have an archiving product in place.

Backup provides no mechanism for tactical deletion or expunging select data, so IT leaders must assess what data from EU member country citizens is stored, and be able to verify that the data is properly handled.

As a clear message of compliance “or else,” the guidelines for penalties have been set high enough that just planning on paying the fine is a poor strategy.

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